Growth ‘n Tow – A Study in Process

The Growth ‘n Tow is an interactive device that brings knowledge of gardening to a child and  physically assists in integrating that knowledge into practice.

It consists of two pieces, a wall mounted base which holds seeds and tools and a detachable startkit which houses starts and produce. Mounted beneath a window, the child begins the starting process in the home and then carries the detachable start box into the garden to put the starts into the ground. The Growth ‘n Tow contains compartments for collecting garden vegetables and for storing the seeds that the child’s plants produce. The Growth ‘n Tow brings all phases of a plant’s life cycle into the hands of the child, and allows the child to perpetuate their garden cycle after cycle.

The Growth n’ Tow is designed for the demands of busy little hands. It is crafted of solid oak to give it multi-generational durability and is finished in an all-natural linseed oil and beeswax finish to keep it waterproof without harmful chemicals. The hemp fiber ropes and the interior of the start compartments are coated in pure beeswax to keep them permanently waterproof.

Process-wise, the Growth ‘n Tow was inspired by the British design team Dunne and Raby, and their fascinating Faraday Chair (pictured above).

Below is a small sample of the design sketches for this project. They represent a process-based progression from raw idea to finished concept. This project when through several major schematic shifts. You will notice that the design objective stated below differs quite a bit from the finished design statement mentioned at the top of this posting.

An early mock up of the pro-growth-n-tow in process. Full scale.Below is a full-scale mockup of the growth-n-tow I created before starting on the prototype. The mockup included operable drawers and hinges.


One response to “Growth ‘n Tow – A Study in Process

  1. Beautiful workmanship. I love the concept. Will you be marketing the Growth n’ Tow? I’m interested in how much it will sell for — it would make a charming gift.

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