Salem Oregon Downtown Redevelopment Process and Presentation: The images and models that went into producing and presenting the New Town Center project.

Salem Oregon Downtown Redevelopment Research: A research-based proposal for redeveloping an Urban Renewal District.

Eranos Institute: An institute for the presentation and exchange of ideas. Located in the Park blocks in Portland, Or. Aprox. 25k sqft.

The Alley House: A Study in Process.

Lane Community College Downtown Campus: A submission for the new LCC building to be constructed in downtown Eugene.

Garden Canvas: A group-based design-build project produced as part of a designBridge studio.

Ghanaian Arts Village: A competition entry for an arts village being built in Ghana. Financed by the NKA foundation. This project is a collaboration with my instructor Diego Urrutia.

“Texas Underground” Design Study: A research-based design proposal for the passively-cooled Texas home of the future.

Crescent Village Case Study: An interview-based study of Rowell-Brokaw’s Crescent Village urban development.

Heavy Timber Marketplace: open-ended design project intended to display understanding of support, spanning and bracing and their relationship to the creation of architectural space.


The Earth Bank 1: An all new concept for a living building material

The Earth Bank 2: A Living Horticultural Building System

Teleplant: Recycled materials are given a new life


Luminaire: one of the winners of the 2009 University of Oregon Student Luminaire Design Competition.

Growth n’ Tow: A study in the process of product design.

The Mule: A workhorse for the worksite.



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